Unlucky number 13!

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Just hours after the birth of his 3rd child, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh was back in NY to play the Knicks and he performed well. Lebron James was turnover prone during the first 3 quarters but he finally closed out a game in the clutch.

The Knicks, playing without self inflicted injuries Amare Stoudemire, were off to a hot start ad quickly had a sold out MSG pumped up. It was certainly a defensive game as the Heat only managed 38 points in the first half. They poured it on in the second half. With James on the bench with 4 fouls, Dwayne Wade took over offensively to put the heat ahead going into the final quarter.

James dominated in the 4th quarter, scoring 17 points and led the Heat to another victory. The Heat applied smothering defense holding the Knicks to under 40 percent FG shooting.

This lose extends the Knicks current playoff streak to 13 consecutive, which is now a record. Its very unlikely that the Knicks will win this series but if they lose on Sunday, their season will be over and their streak stretched to 14.


Jazz Cannot Dance with Spurs

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The Utah Jazz simply have no answer for the San Antonio Spurs. Last season the Spurs were ousted in the first round, losing the the number 8 seeded Memphis Grizzles. Rarely in sports history does a number 8 seed beat a number 1. That Spurs team is in much much better health plus they have added a number of key pieces to complement their “big 3.”

PG Tony Parker has had an outstanding season, leading the Spurs to the league’s best record in this short season and coach Greg Popovich earned coach of the year honors. In this round 1 matchup, the Jazz just have no answer for all of the Spurs’ offensive weapons. Tim Duncan is still one of the league’s best forwards/centers in the game and Parker in easily in the top five of best active PGs.

Much like game 1, game 2 was not very close as the Spurs would go on to win 114-83. Parker led all scorers with 18 points as the Spurs had 7 players reach double figures in scoring. The only positive for the Jazz is that the series will now shift to Utah for games 3 & 4. Maybe the change of scenery will give the Jazz a much needed boost of energy and will enhance their play.

San Antonio leads the series 2-0.

Western Injuries

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There are not as many injuries in the western conference but certainly some intense play! The defending champion Mavericks are just a few seconds away leading the series 2-0 instead of being down 0-2 against the heavily favored OKC Thunder. Kevin Durant remains the leader of the Thunder as they look to knock off the champs.

Overcoming a 24 point deficit in under 8 minutes is a remarkable feat but to do it without one of your leading scorers is more impressive. The LA Clippers shocked the Memphis Grizzles & their sold out arena with a 99-98 victory in game 1. In the second half, Clippers forward Caron Butler left the game with a broken hand and is expected to significant time.

The other 2 series, the LA Lakers vs Denver Nuggets and the San Antonio Spurs vs Utah Jazz have been less competitive. I know anything can happen but it’s likely that neither series will go past 5 games with the Lakers and Spurs moving on.

Eastern Injuries

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Injuries could potentially alter the suspected playoff picture in both conferences. The Bulls have lost reigning MVP Derrick Rose for at least 6 months due to tearing his ACL on Saturday’s game 1 of the series against the Philadelphia Sixers.

His absence was evident as the Sixers would win 109-92 in game 2. The win ties the series as it will shift to Philly for games 3 & 4 this weekend. Without Rose, the Bulls will be pressed for offense and role players will have I step up if try don’t want to be a rare number 1 seed to lose to a number 8 seeded team.

In another Eastern conference matchup, the Celtic were forced to play without their starting back court as Ray Allen remains sidelined due to injury and Rajon Rondo out for suspension. Not to worry because the Celtics Pierced the Hawks behind 36 points from Paul Pierce. The series is now tied at 1-1 as the next 2 games will be played in Boston. Hawks’ Josh Smith left the game early due to injury.

Amare Stoudamire of the Knicks will definitely miss game 3 against the Heat after he punched glass and severely cut his hand after a game 2 loss. Heat lead series 2-0.

Heat too hot to handle!

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The New York Knicks haven’t won a playoff game in their last 12 chances and playing against the Miami Heat isn’t helping! After playing a more competitive game this time, the Knicks still fell short. Carmelo Anthony was much more productive scoring 30 points after only scoring 11 in game one.

Lebron James continued to dominate on the offense and defensive end as Dwayne Wade controlled the tempo scoring 18 points in the paint. Losing the game wasn’t the only thing the Knicks have lost in this series. In game one, defensive stopper Iman Shumpert went down with a torn ACL and his season is done.

Frustration set in big time after the game for Amare Stoudamire as. While walking back to the locked room, Stoudamire punched the glass case of a fire extinguisher and severely cut his hand. The injury required medical attention. Teammate are speculating that he may miss at least one game.

Stoudamire tweeted “I am so mad, I want to apologize to my fans and team.”

WOW! Now that is entertainment!

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Soon as I published my last post, there was a remarkable comeback victory by the LA Clippers over the Memphis Grizzles! 99-98 on late free throws by Clippers PG Chris Paul game them just the second lead of the game with the first lead coming just seconds before. WOW! Shock!

Playoff Basketball

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From Derrick Rose of the Bulls tearing his ACL in the first playoff game of the 2012 playoff season against the Sixers, to the Grizzles shooting the Clippers’ lights out, the first weekend of the NBA playoffs were entertaining.

Saturday, April 28 was the first day and it consisted of torn ACLs to Rose and Iman Shurpet of the Knicks, a 30+ point blowout of the Heat over the Knicks and Kevin Durant of the knowing down a game winning shot with just seconds left to lift the Thunder over the defending champion Mavericks.

Day two consisted of a triple double from the Lakers’ Andrew Bynaum who also tied a playoff record with 10 blocks and the oldest team in the league, Spurs maintaining home court advantage with a collective performance. In a heated 4-5 match-up with the Celtics visiting the Hawks, all-star PG Rajon Rondo was ejected with under a minute left in a close game.

Monday is sure to have some good games as the as the Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks hope to steal a game in Miami before heading back to NY for games 3 and 4. The surprisingly great Indiana Pacers look to even the series at home in an attempt to regain home court advantage against the Orlando Magic. And in the night game, the Thunder look to take a commanding 2 game lead over the Mavs before heading to Dallas.