Sarah Pastorek ready to become leader for Crimson Hawks in 2011-12

With the departures of seniors Lacy Claar and Eryn Withers, junior forward Sarah Pastorek is now the face of the IUP women’s basketball team.

Pastorek has many talents on the court, but off the court, she has some hidden talents. Those hidden talents include playing the clarinet and tap dance, which helps her nimbleness on the basketball court.

“If I wasn’t a basketball player, I would play volleyball,” Pastorek said.  “In high school I played volleyball and also ran track.”

Pastorek is known for her team-first nature. When asked of her most memorable moment in an IUP uniform so far she immediately pointed to the team making big comebacks.

“We used to be down a lot at the beginning of games and we would come back, sometimes with seconds left in the game,” she said. “It’s the thrill of a comeback.”

Each season, Pastorek’s statistics have increased. During her freshman season, she averaged 10 points and five rebounds per game and eanred PSAC West Freshman of the Year honors. Last season as a sophomore, she led the team in scoring and rebounding with 12 and seven respectively and was named second team All-PSAC West.

Pastorek attributes her progression to all of the hard work during the off season.

“During the off season, I primarily worked on my speed, shooting and my mind set,” she said. “Head coach Jeff Dow stresses that it’s about mental toughness. I worked out six days a week and pushed myself so that I could come back ready this season and help the newcomers,” said Pastorek about how she’s been able to get better each season.


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