Unlucky number 13!

Just hours after the birth of his 3rd child, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh was back in NY to play the Knicks and he performed well. Lebron James was turnover prone during the first 3 quarters but he finally closed out a game in the clutch.

The Knicks, playing without self inflicted injuries Amare Stoudemire, were off to a hot start ad quickly had a sold out MSG pumped up. It was certainly a defensive game as the Heat only managed 38 points in the first half. They poured it on in the second half. With James on the bench with 4 fouls, Dwayne Wade took over offensively to put the heat ahead going into the final quarter.

James dominated in the 4th quarter, scoring 17 points and led the Heat to another victory. The Heat applied smothering defense holding the Knicks to under 40 percent FG shooting.

This lose extends the Knicks current playoff streak to 13 consecutive, which is now a record. Its very unlikely that the Knicks will win this series but if they lose on Sunday, their season will be over and their streak stretched to 14.


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